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Panhead 74 Long Block

SKU: 10-1976

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Assembled and tested for oil pressure with alloy finishes.

Panhead 74" long block features V-Twin Replica case set, Sifton oil pump and breather assembly, stock stroke flywheel, hydraulic lifters, tapered bearings, and the stock cam installed with a matched pinion gear.

Cylinders are stock with 8.5:1 compression cast pistons & Hastings rings.

Top end includes single plug Panheads fitted with rocker arm assemblies, chrome pan covers with thick D rings, chrome overhead rocker feed line, and chrome steel pushrod covers.

Order manifold, carburetor, and 2 brush generator separately.

Automatic advance distributor and finned cam cover are included.

Entire unit is pre run and factory tested for oil pump pressure.

Manufacturer's Statement of Origin is supplied.

**NOTE: Carburetor and charging system is not included.

UOM 1 - EA
Manufacturer Motorshop
Origin USA
Replacement Items 11-0591 - Hydraulic Tappet Block Kit Zinc Finish
32-8072 - Overhead Valve Auto Advance Distributor Chrome
FITS FL 1955-1962