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Knucklehead Engine Case Set

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Motor case set features a blank number boss, there are no serial numbers on the case.

Sold with Bill of Sale only.

Oil from top end returns through pushrod tubes. Does not return through cylinder base.

Case accepts loose roller bearings on the sprocket and pinion shaft side. Case set required line lapping of the main case races. Order case race available separately. Case set is designed for replacement of the original cases. No serial numbers are provided with these case sets. A Bill of Sale will be issued for blank cases.

Case sets do not include pinion and sprocket shaft races.

*NOTE: Case races should be line bored to 1.500" to accept standard rollers. Use 2 gaskets when mounting the oil pump body for proper clearance.

**NOTE: Numeral "7" stamped on rear motor mount halves, to denote 74 cubic inch. Builder may stamp these numbers in.

*NOTE: Must order the following required components separately: cam, distributor gear, breather gear, pump and bushing.

Manufacturer Motorshop
Tech Note *NOTE: To confirm the main bearing fitment clearance, you must take the standard bearing measurement and multiply it by 2, then add that answer to the left side sprocket shaft
meaurement. For example, the standard bearing measures .250,multiplied by 2 equals .500. The left side sprocket shaft measures 1.000, adding them together you get 1.500, which means you're running 1.501 fitment with .001 clearance.
Required to use with #10-8215 Lightning Knucklehead Cam Shaft.
Required to use with #12-1502 Distributor Drive Gear.
Required to use with #12-1947 Replica Oil Pump Assembly.
Required to use with #10-0714 Cam Case Bushing.
FITS FL 1941-1947
EL 1937-1947