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Front Brake Backing Plate Kit Left Side Black

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Kit includes brake shoes, springs, polished back plate, black drum, axle sleeve, nuts, cam with lever, and mount stud for left side brake.

NOTE: Pivot stud hole is oversize to allow 7/16" stud with locking washer, locking face toward backing plate, to be "set" when adjusting brake shoes.

Finish Black
Location Front
Manufacturer V-Twin
Replacement Items 23-2233 - Backing Plate for Left Side Polished
23-0515 - Replica Front Brake Shoe Set
13-0146 - Replica Brake Shoe Spring Set
24-0146 - Brake Cam Lever Left
Tech Note Suggested to use with #48-0835 Facotry Service Manual for 1958-1969 FL.
Suggested to use wtih #24-0127 Backing Plate Pivot Stud with Washer.
Suggested to use wtih #24-0128 Backing Plate Locating Washer for Pivot Stud.
FITS FL 1967-1968