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Clutch Drum Kit

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Kit features stock style components for a complete clutch installation.

Kit includes clutch hub, thrust washer, spring washer and retaining ring, clutch spring seat, spring damper spring seat, damper spring, double row ball bearing, clutch pressure plate, 8 clutch plates, and 9 friction plate kit.

*NOTE: Must order the internal retaining ring, clutch release plate and clutch hub nut separately.

OEM No. 37813-11
Manufacturer York
Tech Note Suggested to use with #18-8261 Clutch Retaining Ring Internal.
Suggested to use with #12-9914 Clutch Hub Nut.
Suggested to use with #18-8257 Clutch Release Plate.
FITS FXST 2011-2017
FLST 2011-2017
FLT 2011-2013
FXD 2011-2017