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Clutch Drum Kit

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Clutch drum kit for kick starter models.

Kit includes steel and fiber plates, clutch drum and hub.

Kit includes clucth backing plate with stud, spacer set, clutch kit, steel clutch set, inner and outer clutch springs, clutch release disc, thrust bearing collar, clutch disc bearing with 2 shields, outer drive clutch plate, clutch drum retainer, clutch hub nut and lock, clutch drum with ratchet for kick starter only, clutch hub bearing, main bearing snap ring, clutch retainer kit with nuts, clutch hub.

Manufacturer V-Twin
Replacement Items 18-2322 - Clutch Backing Plate with Stud
18-1120 - Magnum Clutch Kit Alloy
18-2330 - Clutch Thrust Bearing Collar
18-3162 - Clutch Drum with Ratchet Plate
FITS XL 1971-1980