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Clutch Drum Kit

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Clutch drum kit is 66 tooth and includes steel and fiber plates, clutch drum, clutch hub, and outer clutch.

Includes clutch adjuster jam nut, left side pushrod adjuster, clutch hub nut, clutch hub, drum, spring plate, internal retaining ring, clutch spring, spring seat, release plate, internal and ecternal rataining ring, Alto clutch, pressure plate, clutch plate set.

Manufacturer Motorshop
Origin USA
Replacement Items 18-3253 - Clutch Pushrod Adjuster Left Side
18-8311 - Clutch Drum
18-8256 - Clutch Spring Seat
18-8255 - Clutch Pressure Plate
FITS FXST 1994-1997
FLST 1994-1997
FLT 1994-1997
FXD 1994-1997