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Harley Davidson EL, FL, UL, WL, VL 6 Volt 32E Generator Asssembly

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Complete 6 volt generator assembly does not include the gear and pin.

Must order correct gear, gasket, pin and bolts separately.

*NOTE: Tag is not riveted in place. For gear installation, use a solid generator gear pin, available separately.

**NOTE: 32E generator operation ranges from 1500-4000 RPM. Cut out relay cuts in around 1500 RPM, meaning relay closes to charge battery.

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Manufacturer Volt Tech
Tech Note Suggested to use with #12-1214. 3-Brush Generator Gear Pin.
FITS VL 1930-1936
W 1937-1952
G 1937-1957
U 1937-1948
EL 1936-1952
FL 1941-1957