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Harley Davidson 1941-63' WL, Servi Car 45" 4 Speed Gear Kit

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Harley Davidson WL, Servi-Car Transmission Gear Kit Contains one cluster gear, two shifter clutch, one 1st gear, one 2nd gear, one 3rd gear, one clutch gear, one shifter gear and one shifter drum.
Kit is 8 pieces as shown in the photo. Kit can be used on Solo machines and Servi-cars. 4-speed shifter gate, 3-speed parts, shafts, access door and forks must be retained or purchased separately. Stock side cover must be machined for clearance. Transmission side cover #49-0455, is available separately. The shift pattern is as follows: 1st gear is forward, neutral, 3rd and 4th gear are back towards the rider as seated on motorcycle.
***NOTE: 4 speed gear ratios will be: 1st - 2.67:1, 2nd - 2.03:1, 3rd 1.42:1 a 4th 1:1. Stock 3 speed gear ratios are: 1st - 2.47:1, 2nd - 1.57:1 and 3rd - 1.


WL 1941-1952
G 1941-1963