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Harley Davidson 1984-85' XL 4-Speed Transmission Gear Assembly w/Door

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Transmission gear assembly unit is a 4-speed unit.

Transmission 4-speed gear assembly unit includes gears, main and countershaft, shift forks and shafts assembled to trap door.

Order right side cases, rollers, shims and bearings separately.

Shift selector shaft included.

Main and countershaft end play and trap door alignment with case must be established and adjusted before final assembly.

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UOM 1 - EA
Manufacturer Motorshop
Origin USA
Replacement Items 17-9831 - Countershaft
17-0058 - Transmission Shifter Pawl Spacer
17-9982 - Transmission Mainshaft
17-9826 - Transmission Clutch Gear 17 Tooth
FITS XL 1984-1985 Late 1984