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Harley Davidson 1958-64' Panhead 4-1/4" Stroke Flywheel Assembly- 80"

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Flywheel assembly with 4-1/4" stroke is shipped assembled and trued with shafts.

Special 80" flywheel assembly is used for alternator-generator case sets only.

This assembly features a late type sprocket shaft, early style pinion shaft, a thick & narrow sprocket side flywheel and replaceable pinion & sprocket shafts.

Required to use with 1987-up type pinion shaft bearing and retaining ring.

Manufacturer Motorshop
Origin USA
Replacement Items 10-0174 - Connecting Rod Assembly
10-1124 - Stock Flywheel Assembly
10-0412 - Engine Sprocket Shaft
10-0402 - Engine Pinion Shaft
FITS FL 1958-1964